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Tropical Medicine Laboratories


Few university hospitals have special laboratories for tropical medicine and parasitology.

In 2008, Prof. Lanzer, Department of Parasitology, and our section paved the way for a close cooperation to set up tropical medicine/ parasitological diagnostics, resulting in the employment of a scientist in 2009. Our tropical medicine outpatient clinic, the tropical medicine/ parasitological laboratories (accredited status since 02/2003) and parasitological research can be found under one roof since then.

Cooperating with major external laboratories, we now offer the following services in addition to the usual lab tasks:

  • Consultation on diagnostic strategies (pre-diagnostics)
  • Treatment advice
  • Transfer to our outpatient clinic for further findings
  • Transfer to an inpatient setting, where we provide medical support in all specialist  disciplines of the University Hospital, including the intensive care unit for infectious diseases
  • Organisation of regular diagnostic-clinical trainings