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Jochen Schweitzer-Rothers, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Deputy Head of the Institute  (Opens window for sending emailE-Mail)

Current Research Focus

    • Systemic family therapy for physical, psychiatric and behavioral disorders
    • Outcome research on the efficacy of systemic therapy and family therapy (currently: A comparison of Systemic Therapy and CBT for socially anxious persons)
    • Family Systems approaches in acute psychiatric settings (“SYMPA”) Project
    • Systemic Consulting to medical organizations
    • Dilemmas and coping strategies of mid-level leadership persons in industrial companies

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    Curriculum Vitae

    Education and Professional Training
      • Postdoctoral thesis (Habilitation) in Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Heidelberg University (1995)
      • Ph.D. (Dr. rer. soc.) at the University of Tübingen (1986)
        M.Sc. [Diploma] in psychology (1978) and studies in law at the Universities of Göttingen and Gießen
      • Associate Professor, deputy head of department and head of the Division of Medical Organizational Psychology (2006 - present), Institute of Medical Psychology, Heidelberg University

      Clinical expertise
      • Psychotherapist in the Family Therapy Unit (1989 - 1994) and the Institute of Medical Psychology (1995 – present), both at University Hospital Heidelberg
      • Psychotherapist, Psychosomatic Medicine (University Hospital Heidelberg, 1987 - 1989)
      • Psychotherapist, Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatry (Psychiatrisches Landeskrankenhaus Weinsberg 1982 - 1986)
      • Child Community Mental Health (Harvard Medical School, 1979 - 1980)

      Professional Services (University and Scientific Organizations)

      • Postgraduate Training: Co-founder (2002) and trainer for systemic therapy and organizational development at the Helm-Stierlin-Institut
      • Previously systemic therapy trainer at the International Society for Systemic Therapy (1989 - 2001)
      • Associate member, National Scientific Psychotherapy Evaluation Board (2011 - present)
      • Past President, German Society for Systemic Therapy, Counselling and Family Therapy (2007 - 2013)
      • Past Vice president, German-Chinese Academy for Psychotherapy (2005 2008)

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