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Anna-Lena Zietlow, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate (Opens window for sending emailE-Mail)

Current Research Focus

    • Depression and anxiety disorders in the peripartum period,
    • Parent-child-interaction, in particular dyadic affect regulation and psychobiological correlates
    • Adverse childhood experiences and their intergenerational transmission
    • Infant and child development, in particular with regard to attachment, emotions and psychopathology
    • Couple interaction as predictor for parental interaction behavior

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    Curriculum Vitae

    Education and Professional Training
    • Ph.D. [Dr. phil.], Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg, Title of thesis: "The impact of postpartum depression and anxiety disorders on the mother-child relationship, mother-child interaction and child development”, Advisors: Prof. Corinna Reck & Prof. Birgit Träuble (2015)
    • Licensed therapist in in cognitive and behavioral therapy and training in cognitive and behavioral therapy for children and adolescents at the Center for Psychological Psychotherapy (ZPP) Heidelberg (2012 - present)
    • M.Sc. [Diploma in Psychology], Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg (2011) and studies at the Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago de Chile 
      • Group leader „Eltern-Kind-Studien (ElKi)“ (Parent-Child-Studies), University Hospital Heidelberg, Center for Psychosocial Medicine, General Psychiatry (with Dr. N. Nonnenmacher) (since 2017)
      • Postdoctoral research assistant at the Institute of Medical Psychology, University Hospital Heidelberg (since 2016)
      • Research Assistant at General Psychiatry, University Hospital Heidelberg (2011- 2016)

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