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Musik im Kopf - Individuelle Unterschiede in der Klangwahrnehmung und das zerebrale Sinfonieorchester. (2006)
Schneider P. Andermann M. Engelmann  D. Schneider R. Rupp A.
Dtsch. Med Wochenschr  131, 2895-2897.


Structural, functional and perceptual differences in the auditory cortex of musicians and non-musicians predict musical instrument preference. (2005)
Schneider P. Sluming V. Roberts N. Bleeck S. Rupp A.
Ann. NY Acad Sci.  1060, 387-394.


Structural and functional asymmetry of lateral Heschl's gyrus reflects pitch perception preference. (2005)
Schneider, P.; Sluming, V.; Roberts, N.; Scherg, M.; Goebel, R.; Specht, H.-J.; Dosch, H.G.; Bleeck, S.; Stippich, C.; Rupp, A.
Nat. Neurosci. 8, pp. 1241-1247.

Morphology of Heschls gyrus reflectsenhanced activation in the auditory cortex of musicians. (2002)

Schneider, P.; Scherg, M.; Dosch, H.G.; Specht, H.-J.; Gutschalk, A.; Rupp, A.
Nat. Neurosci. 5, pp. 688-694.

Fast Temporal Interactions in the Auditory Cortex (2000)
Rupp, A.; Hack, S.; Gutschalk, A.; Schneider, P.; Picton, TW; Stippich, C; Scherg, M.
NeuroReport 11, pp. 3731-3736



Tonotopy, tonochrony and pitch mapping in Heschl’s gyrus of musicians (2004)

Schneider, P.; Scherg,M.; Dosch, H.G.; Specht, H.-J.; Rupp, A.

Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Biomagnetism



Gray matter volume asymmetry in antero-lateral Heschl's gyrus

is related to instrumental preference in musicians (2003)

Schneider, P.; Sluming, V.; Roberts, N.; Bleeck, S. and Rupp, A.

Proc. of the International conference on auditory cortex, Magdeburg



Enhanced secondary auditory evoked fields in musicians

reflect musical training (2003)

Schneider, P.; Scherg,M.; Dosch, H.G.; Specht, H.-J.; Rupp, A.

Human Brain Mapping, Neuroimage 19 (2), p.1516)



Hemispherical differences in middle latency auditory evoked fields (2003)

Kult, A.; Hack, S.; Supek, S.; Schneider, P.; Dosch, H.G.; Specht, H.-J.; Rupp, A.

Brain Topography, ISBET-2003 Proceedings in press



Interhemispherical differences in temporal processing are independant on the structure of the sound (2003)

Kult, A.; Schneider, P.; Rupp, A.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Auditory Cortex



Enhanced gray matter volume of antero-medial Heschl's gyrus correlates with increased primary source activity in musicians (2002)

Schneider, P.; Scherg,M.; Dosch, H.G.; Specht, H.-J.; Stippich, C.; Rupp, A.

Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Biomagnetism (Biomag), p. ?



Auditory evoked fields reflect psychoacoustic thresholds of temporal gap detection (2002)

Rupp, A.; Hack, S.; Schneider, P.; Stippich, C.; Scherg, M.

Aktuelle Neurologie 29 (Supplement S2), p. S233 [P698]



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