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Research fellow / Guest Doctor (Gastarzt)

Heidelberg University Medical Center offers opportunities for Guest-doctors to stay for short or medium term appointments. Again, there is no central recruiting office. All applicants have to apply to the department/clinic of interest directly. For a detailed list of all departments and clinics please check the link below:
Departments and clinics


Please submit the following documents when applying:

  • Cover letter in German (for guest scientists English is also possible) with detailed information about the intended duration of your stay and the position of interest you would like to receive training.
  • Curriculum vitae and list of publications.
  • Letter of recommendation explaining in detail your professional specialization.
  • Certificate of your German/Special language skills (at least B2/C1 level). Please note: German is advantageous for all guest doctors. Please contact the department of interest directly for detailed language requirements.
  • Certified copy of your graduation from university.
  • Certified copy of your license to practice medicine.
  • For a certification for temporary work, please contact the Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart and ask for a “Vorübergehende Zulassung zur Ausübung des ärzt-lichen Berufes”
  • Certified copy of your passport.
  • Financial support (i.e. grant) to cover expenses during your stay (rent, costs of living etc.) Please note: Guest doctors do not receive financial compensation.
  • In a second step we will also need your work permit as well as a visa (dispensable for applicants from the European Union).

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