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Journal Club

The Statistical Genetics Journal Club aims at discussing relevant articles, software and databases in the field of statistical genetics.

The Journal Club meets on a regular basis, usually every Thursday at 1 pm. If you wish to be notified of upcoming Journal Clubs, please email us at the following address: lorenzo@imbi.uni-heidelberg.de. If you are interested in details about former Journal Clubs, please contact directly the speaker.

  • Databases for in-silico functional assessment: ENCODE, Ensembl, 1000GP, HaploReg et al.
    D. Scherer
  • Introduction to the article:
    Noel et al. "Does the frequency of cholecystectomy affect the ensuing incidence of gallbladder cancer in Sweden? A Population-Based study with a 16-Year Coverage"
    F. Boekstegers
  • Introduction to linkage analysis
    C. Fischer
  • Introduction to the article:
    Ghani et al. "Evidence of Recessive Alzheimer Disease Loci in a Caribbean Hispanic Data Set Genome-wide Survey of Runs of Homozygosity" 
    C. Fischer