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Advanced Courses

  • Introduction to Mendelian Randomization (organized within the EU-funded research project EULAT Eradicate GBC)
  • Biostatistical Analysis of Genotype Data (organized within the EU-funded research project EULAT Eradicate GBC)
  • Statistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology, Bioinformatics, and Study Designs in Biometry and Epidemiology (MSc in Medical Informatics, University of Heidelberg)
  • Biostatistics, Genetic Epidemiology and Advanced Statistical Methods (MSc in Medical Informatics organized by University of Heidelberg and University of Chile)
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics, Introduction to Bayesian Statistics and Genetic Epidemiology (MSc in Medical Biometry/Biostatistics, University of Heidelberg)
  • Epidemiology, Major in Cancer Biology organized by the Faculty of Biosciences, University of Heidelberg in collaboration with the German Cancer Research Center
  • Descriptive Exploratory and Confirmatory Statistical Analysis (Training in Clinical Research organized by the Bolivian National Health Fund)
  • Genetic Epidemiology and Introduction to Bayesian Statistics (MSc in Epidemiology, Medical Biometry/Biostatistics, University of Mainz)

The Statistical Genetics Journal Club aims at discussing relevant articles, software and databases in the field of statistical for molecular medicine.

The Journal Club meets on a regular basis every two weeks. If you wish to be notified of upcoming Journal Clubs, please email us at the following address: lorenzo@imbi.uni-heidelberg.de. If you are interested in details about former Journal Clubs, please contact directly the speaker.

Recent Topics:

  • Identification and validation of circulating µRNAs associated with gallbladder cancer risk in Europeans
    A. Blandino
  • Risk of Cancer after Cholecystectomy in Sweden
    E. Kharazmi
  • Genetic-genomic characterization of Chilean patients with gallbladder cancer
    V. Gárate
  • Genetically determined gene expression levels and survival of colorectal cancer patients
    H. Deutelmoser
  • UK Biobank data and data retrieval
    J. Lorenzo Bermejo, F. Boekstegers
  • Power calculations in Mendelian Randomization Studies
    J. Lorenzo Bermejo, C. Barahona Ponce, L. Zollner
  • Aspirin, gallbladder cancer and colorectal adenomas – Mendelian Randomization Studies D. Scherer
  • Introduction to the article:
    McGregor et al. "An evaluation of methods correcting for cell-type heterogeneity in DNA methylation studies"
    J. Brägelmann
  • Introduction to linkage analysis
    C. Fischer
  • Introduction to the article:
    Ghani et al. "Evidence of Recessive Alzheimer Disease Loci in a Caribbean Hispanic Data Set Genome-wide Survey of Runs of Homozygosity" 
    C. Fischer