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European Mathematical Genetics Meeting 2018

Cagliari, Italy, 18th to 20th April, 2018

Hosted by Università di Cagliari, Facoltà di Scienze Economiche, Giuridiche e Politiche

Via Sant'Ignazio 76, Cagliari

Student Awards


First day (Wednesday)

     09:00-14:00  Short course ‘Introduction to Population Genetics’ details (already booked out)
     17:00-17:15  EMGM Opening
     17:15-18:15  Keynote lecture ‘Genetic Architecture of Sardinians’
     19:00-           Welcome reception

Second day (Thursday)
     09:00-17:30  Scientific sessions (contributed talks and 1st poster session)

     17:30-18:00  Discussion EMGM venues 2020 and beyond  
     20:00-           Dinner 

Third day (Friday)
     09:00-18:00  Scientific sessions (contributed talks and 2nd poster session)
     18:00            Closing remarks

Registration and abstract submission:  EMGM2018@imbi.uni-heidelberg.de

Deadline: March 11th, 2018

Please use the template provided here

Organizing Committee

Francesco Cucca                     Università di Sassari and Istituto di Ricerca Genetica e Biomedica
                                               at the National Research Council of Italy
Marcella Devoto                      University of Pennsylvania and Università Sapienza
Christine Fischer                      Universität Heidelberg
Justo Lorenzo Bermejo            Universität Heidelberg

Local Organizing Committee 

Claudio Conversano                 Università di Cagliari
Alessio Squassina                     Università di Cagliari


Travel and Accommodation

Please see www.cagliariturismo.it/en

Cagliari is connected to the most important European cities thanks to the Elmas - Mario Mameli international airport. A short 5-minute train drive connects the airport to the city center station in Piazza Matteotti. Taxis and rent-a-car services also connect the airport to downtown.

Cagliari offers accommodations of any price and type. Economic bed and breakfasts, super comfortable hotels and apartments for rent are concentrated in the town center, the seafront and the Castello area.