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Towards Personalized Prevention and Treatment of Gallbladder Cancer

May 6th, 2017 - Heidelberg Center para América Latina, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Objectives of the Symposium

  • To present recent advances towards personalized prevention and treatment of gallbladder cancer to the scientific and clinical community 
  • To share and inventory international expertise in the field, and to incorporate interested scientists and clinicians 
  • To establish priority areas of research (clusters) in order to enhance scientific interaction among cooperation partners
  • To define future collaborative strategies and concretize them into joint grant proposals


Welcome Address

  • Flavio Salazar Onfray, Vice-Presidency of Research and Development, Universidad de Chile
  • Raúl Andrés Silva Prado, Dean of the Medical Faculty, Universidad Católica del Maule
  • Ricardo Armisén, Head of Research Center of Excellence for Precision Medicine, Pfizer

Session I: Ongoing Research Activities on Gallbladder Cancer

  • Recent Project Achievements (Justo Lorenzo Bermejo, Statistical Genetics Group, Institute of Medical Biometry and Informatics, University of Heidelberg)
  • Key lecture: The Swedish National Registries - A Gold Mine for Epidemiological Research, also in Gallbladder Cancer (Tahereh Moradi, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden)

Coffee break (11:00-11:30)


Session II: Ongoing Research Activities on Gallbladder Cancer (Cont.)

  • Update on Environmental and Genetic Characteristics of Chilean Gallbladder Cancer Patients and Families (Pablo Baez Benavides, School of Medicine, Universidad de Chile)
  • Recent Advances in the Molecular Diagnosis of Gallbladder Cancer (Gerardo Arroyo, Latin-American Gastrointestinal Oncology Intergroup, Argentina)
  • Current research on hepatobiliary cancer in Latin America (Bettina Müller, Chilean Cooperative Group for Oncologic Research)

Lunch break (13:00-14:00)


Session III: Next Steps and Group Meetings

  • Separate Meetings of the Pathology and Oncology Working Groups
  • Roundtable:  Main Conclusions from the Pathology and Oncology Working Groups
  • Incorporation of Interested Scientists and Clinicians from Chile and other South American Countries 
  • Open Questions, Next Symposium and Closing Remarks