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Prof. Dr. Thomas Wetter - Weitere ausgewählte Publikationen

Wetter T.: Are you certain?
The role of trust in the use of patient
centered Technology; Keynote, Joint Conference on Medical Informatics Taiwan; Taipei June 11, 2016

Hsueh P-Y S, Dey S, Zhu X, Yang B, Cheung Y-K, Wetter T: Putting User-Generated Data in Action: Improving Interpretability for Consumer Informatics; Workshop, MIE/HEC - Health - Exploring Complexity; Munich Aug 30, 2016

Wetter T, Boyer C, Neisecke T, Pendzialek J, Pobiruchin M; Health Services on the Net - What's good for me? What's bad? And how do I tell the difference? Workshop 15th International Conference on WWW/Internet (ICWI), Mannheim Aug 28, 2016

Wetter, T, Consumer Health Informatics. New Services, Roles, and Responsibilities. London (Springer) 2015.

Wetter T., Czerwinski M., Demiris G., Hsiung R., Jimison H.B.(2014):  
How safe are users of Consumer Health Informatics? Panel, Proceedings AMIA 2014 Annual Symposium, November 2014.

Wetter T., van Voorhees B., Kaplan B., DeMuro P. (2013): Ethical, legal, and public policy barriers to unleashing the full power  of Consumer Health Informatics for care delivery? Panel, Proceedings AMIA
2013 Annual Symposium, November 2013.