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Mini symposium

Within the postgraduate program a mini symposium on "Crossroads in immune signaling" will be organized on Friday, 11th of November 2011 in Heidelberg. Within this one day symposium a few invited speakers as well as particpants of the progam will present data covering a variety of signaling processes within immune cells. So far the following speakers have confirmed their participation: Oreste Acuto, Oxford, "T cell receptor signaling", Thomas Decker, Vienna, talk on Jak/STAT signaling Jürgen Ruland, Munich, talk on CLR/Syk signaling Yenan Bryceson, Stockholm, "NK cell signaling" Edgar Serfling, Würzburg, talk on B cell signaling Rudi Beyaert, Ghent, "Negative regulation of NF-kB signaling by the ubiquitin-editing protein A20"

Final program as .pdf-document.