Kliniken &… Kliniken Mund-, Zahn-,… Poliklinik für… Lehre International…

International Summerschool for Periodontology

The idea was born after holding summerschools abroad for DAAD (German Academic Exchange Office/BMBF- Ministry for Education and Research) and following increasing request from foreign students for an educational program at our university. We wanted to create a forum where the researchers and clinicians can exchange their experiences. Our intention was not only academic, a strong focus is placed on cross-cultural understanding and communication to build up future networks. In our opinion, this goal can only be successful in an environment where common understanding of one another is a central.

Project manager

Prof. (apl.) Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Ti-Sun Kim
  • To me, summerschool is more than only perio-knowledge! We could learn how to discuss perio-treatment, diagnosis, prognosis... but we also learn a lot about human relationships, cultures and languages! This is an unique experience that I’m sure I’ll remember not only in my clinic/university but also in my private life.

  • A wonderful experience of knowledge, social learning, cultural exchange and personal improvement!

  • It is an interactive experience, with share of knowledge, professional and social life. Great experience!

  • Excellent experience both professionally and socialy – I've learnt many new things and manage to reevaluate my knowledge in periodontology and some of the topics that I really didn't understand earlier.

  • These have been one of the best days in my life!