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Diagnostics of MSI-H cancers is a field that rapidly gains clinical significance. It is very important to have simple, low-cost, and high-quality diagnostic tools to identify MSI-H, because (1) MSI-H cancer patients respond differently to chemotherapy and immune therapy and (2) MSI-H cancer patients may be affected by hereditary cancer predisposition.

What we do

Our group has analyzed molecular alterations occurring during MSI-H cancer development for their suitability as diagnostic markers. In collaboration with institutions and clinics at the Heidelberg University and abroad, we have established diagnostic tools for the immunohistochemical and PCR-based characterization of MSI-H cancers.


Our main achievements in the diagnostics of MSI-H cancer have been (1) the identification of CAT25, a particularly sensitive and specific marker for PCR-based MSI analysis, (2) the evaluation of novel immunohistochemistry-based approaches (EPCAM staining, BRAF V600E staining) into the routine diagnostics for Lynch syndrome. The implementation of these approaches helps to obtain a more precise and effective work flow to identify patients with the most frequent inherited tumor syndrome.

Key publications

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