Portrait von Xing Cheng
Xing Cheng

Wiss. Mitarbeiter/-in (Forschungsgruppe Neuroregeneration)

Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang

seit November 2017

Medical Thesis, University Hospital Heidelberg, Spinal Cord Injury Center, Laboratory for Neuroregeneration, Advisor: Prof. Dr. Norbert Weidner and Dr. Radhika Puttagunta

2014 – 2017

Master of Medicine, The 1st. affiliated hospital of SUN YAT-SEN University , Guangzhou, China. Specialty: Orthopedics, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Houqing Long

he role and mechanism of MMP-9 regulation of HIF-1a/Notch pathway mediated neovascularization in the chronic compressive spinal cord injury.

2009 – 2014

Bachelor of Medicine, Medical Faculty, Nanchang University, Nanchang, China. Specialty: Clinical Medicine