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Selected publications of the Frischknecht group

=> Books etc.

F. Frischknecht, Malaria - Tödliche Parasiten, spannende Forschung und kein ImpfstoffSpringer Essentials, 2018

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=> Reviews

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=> Articles

D. Klug, J. Kehrer, F. Frischknecht, M. Singer, A synthetic promoter for multi-stage expression to probe complementary functions of PlasmodiumadhesinsJournal of Cell Science 131, 20, 2018.

R.G. Douglas, M. Reinig, M. Neale, F. Frischknecht, Screening for potential prophylactics targeting sporozoite motility through the skinMalaria Journal. 17, 319, 2018.

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H. Prinz, J.M. Sattler, A. Roth, J. Ripp, J.H. Adams, F. FrischknechtImmunization efficacy of cryopreserved genetically attenuated Plasmodium berghei sporozoitesParasitology Research117, 2487-249, 2018.

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J. Kehrer, M. Singer, L. Lemgruber, P. A. Silva, F. Frischknecht, and G. R. Mair, A Putative Small SoluteTransporter Is Responsible for the Secretion of G377 and Trap-Containing Secretory Vesicles During Plasmodium Gamete Egress and Sporozoite Motility, PLoS Pathog, 12 (2016), e1005734.

J.Kehrer, F. Frischknecht and G. R. Mair, Proteomic analysis of the Plasmodium berghei gametocyte egressome and vesicular bioID of osmiophilic body proteins identifies MTRAP as an essential factor for parasite transmission, Mol Cell Proteomics, 2016.

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=> Science and Society

F. Frischknecht, Infectious entertainment, Biotechnology Journal, 4, 944-946, 2009.

F. Frischknecht, Small countries are unexpected winners in ERC grant tables, Nature, 454, 690, 2008.

F. Frischknecht, The history of biological warfare, EMBO Reports, 4, 47-52, 2003.

==> Conference EMBL 2002: Infectious Diseases; Session IV, F. Frischknecht, Biological Weapons: Uses and Abuses of Infectious Agents.