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Further Activities of Faith and her Team

Malaria Vaccine Initiative - Member of the Advisory Board Council

The Vaccine Science Portfolio Advisory Committee comprises eminent scientists and vaccinologists who provide strategic input to the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI).

Wellcome Trust - Funding Advisory Committee Member

The Public Health and Tropical Medicine Interview Committee of the Wellcome Trust interviews candidates shortlisted for training and intermediate level fellowships.

Medical Research Council (MRC) - Research Board and Panel Member

The Infection and Immunity board of the Medical Research Council, UK  reviews funding applications and advises on scientific strategy within its remit.

TED Fellow 2018

In January 2018 Faith was selected as a TED Fellow, joining a class of 20 change-makers from around the world who delivered a talk on the TED stage in April 2018 in Vancouver. 

The TED Fellows program brings together young innovators from around the world and across disciplines, who display both outstanding achievement and exemplary character, to raise international awareness of their work and maximize their impact. Founded in 2009, the program has 453 Fellows from 96 countries, whose talks have collectively been viewed more than 178 million times. In its nine-year history, the program has created a powerful, far-reaching network – made up of scientists, doctors, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, journalists and beyond -- leading to many meaningful and unexpected collaborations.  

TED conference, Vancouver 2018 

Faith Voted to Medicine Maker Power List 2018

The Medicine Maker, published by Texere Publishing, has released its 2018 Power List of the top one hundred most inspirational professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. The List, compiled based on nominations from readers of The Medicine Maker and an expert judging panel, is divided into four categories:  

  • Masters of the Bench (scientists and researchers whose late-night lab work lays the foundations for new therapeutics) 
  • Industry Influencers (experts who drive industry best practices and regulations, as well as new manufacturing techniques and technologies)  
  • Business Captains(business leaders and entrepreneurs that turn scientific ideas into marketable medicines)  
  • Champions of Change (inspirational individuals striving to make the world and the pharma industry a better place)    

Each category comprises 25 names, with the top 10 being ranked and Faith is among the “Champions of Change”.  

“Bringing new drugs to patients is an incredibly difficult task that involves numerous indispensable actors – from pioneering entrepreneurs and CEOs, to industry experts, to dedicated researchers, to regulators who keep everyone on the right tracks,” explains Stephanie Sutton, Editor of The Medicine Maker.