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Malaria 6: Portugal

Group members (from left to right):

Usama Dabbas (PhD student), usama.dabbas(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de

Carrie Anderson (technician), carrie.anderson(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de

Hannah Fleckenstein (PhD student), hannah.fleckenstein(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de

Sukai Ceesay (PhD student), sukai.ceesay(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de

Carolina Andrade (PhD student), carolina.andrade(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de

Silvia Portugal, Ph.D. (group leader), silvia.portugal(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de

Karen Rodriguez (intern; alumna)

Richard Thomson Luque, MD (Postdoc), richard.thomson-luque(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de

not in the picture:

Nathália Ferreira Lima, Ph.D. (Postdoc, on parental leave), nathalia.ferreira-lima(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de

DZIF Seminar Series

organized by Silvia Portugal


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