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Postgraduate Program

„Differential activation and integration of signaling modules within the immune system“
funded by the postgraduate education program of Baden-Württemberg


Due to the rapid research developments over the last years immunology has now become a subject of broad importance which influences many other biomedical fields. This enormous significance of immunology as an interdisciplinary scientific discipline attracts many highly motivated young students. This is a very favorable trend. However, the increasing perception of immunology as a part of a variety of different biomedical disciplines bears the danger that the integrative, comprehensive character of the subject immunology gets lost.

In order to face this challenge and to guarantee a competitive, high-level education and research in immunology we established this postgraduate program entitled “Differential activation and integration of signaling modules within the immune system”. The scientific focus bundles pre-existing activities of education and research in immunology carried out by the Dept. of Med. Microbiology and the Institute for Immunology at the University Heidelberg.

Combining the efforts of the research groups to address this focused topic will allow the scholarship holders to receive a broad and high-level education in immunology. Furthermore, the postgraduate program also provides a joint platform that allows for the combined analysis of different signal transduction pathways in various immune cells. This results in a surplus value to the individual projects, increase the scientific overall quality and enhance educational efforts. Thus, our postgraduate program defines two aims: Firstly, it will strengthen individual education by structured and personal mentoring. Secondly, this school will give rise to structural enhancements by networking among related groups and by integration of advanced junior groups.