Institute of Experimental Cardiology

The Institute of Experimental Cardiology is embedded in the Centre of Internal Medicine and an integral part of the German Center of Cardiovascular Research (DZHK). Our team consists of talented postdocs from all over the world and is dedicated to educate the next generation of cardiac researchers and physician-scientists.

As a research institute we aim to understand the basic mechanisms in cardiac diseases and to develop new concepts for diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. The close collaborations with our partners from the resident clinics provide the unique opportunity for mutual interactions and to create synergies.

For instance, we are currently investigating the molecular basis of genome-environment interactions (epigenetics) and the consequences for the healthy and diseased heart. In this context, comorbidities such as diabetes and cancer represent important aspects. We strongly believe that a better understanding of the molecular details provide numerous opportunities to develop innovative strategies for early diagnosis and treatment opportunities of cardiac diseases.

The institute is equipped with state of the art instruments and techniques to allow experimental, genetic, molecular, biochemical, cellular and in vivo studies. We promote both creative approaches for discovery and standardization for rigorous translation of the findings into clinical application.


Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Backs

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Im Neuenheimer Feld 669
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