Institute for Medical… Research

Characterization of Immune Cell Infiltrates in Cancer Samples

Coordinators: Dr. N. Grabe, Dr. N. Halama (NCT)

Funding: Nationales Zentrum für Tumorerkrankungen (NCT)

Virtual Microscopy offers new possibilities through high-throughput automated microscopy of complete tissue sections. This approach allows robust and reproducible quantitative evaluations in tissues. Previous work by our group and others has shown that immune cell infiltrates can be used as predictive markers in cancer patients. This project therefore aims to generate an automated histological platform to quantify immune cell infiltration in cancer samples based on virtual microscopy. Integration of standard immunohistological tissue preparation and staining, virtual microscopy and imaging analyses into an automated workflow leads then to an improved individualized prediction and subsequent therapy selection in cancer patients.

Duration: 2008 - 2010

Staff: K. Westphal, C. Ernst, N. Grabe

TMA: high-throughput analysis of tissue microarrays by the means of image processing to characterize breast cancer biomarkers