Institute for Medical… Research

Consumer Health Informatics in Third World countries

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Wetter

Partner: University of Minnesota

Patients in third world countries can be supported in their health related behaviors and decisions with low requirements in terms of effort and  resources, e.g.  SMS.  First experiences show that a large variation of services is already being offered.  However, while environmental conditions seem to be comparable we find success and failure next to each other. We also see astoundingly different levels of activity in apparently similar countries. We are investigating, what kinds of reasons may explain that diversity and how knowledge  about success factors can be exchanged between contributing authors in different countries.

Duration: 2013-2017

Staff: L. Zhu, T. Wetter



Above: When building tiers of 25 among the 125 poorest countries with I denoting the poorest and V the relatively richest tier we find an as yet unexplained two peak distribution of numbers of projects that are detected automatically by search algorithms and also of projects that are confirmed by human analysis to be Consumer Health Informatics.