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Consumer Health Informatics methodology

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Wetter

Partner: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg New York, Northeastern University Boston MA, Yale University New Haven CT, University of Illinois Chicago IL, Dr. Bob LLC, Chicago, Oregon Health Sciences University Portland (OR), Microsoft Research Redmont WA, University of Washington Seattle (WA).

While the number of scientific publications has skyrocketed in the last few years a comprehensive  methodology of the field this is still due. Among the reasons is that the relevant articles are scattered across a huge number of media. We also face various legal, ethical, financial and safety aspects that have not been solved. In investigations with international partners we write a textbook and develop positions and let them be challenged at international conferences of medical informatics.

Duration: 2009-2017

T. Kutun, T. Wetter


Above: Increase of publication activities regarding selected topics of Consumer Health Informatics through four-year periods since 1994.
Above: Number of articles and impact factors in the mostly used of an overall of more than 1200 scholarly journals.