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Dent@Prevent: Conception and development of an evidence-informed and patient centered decision support system for interdisciplinary care

Project management: Prof. Dr. Petra Knaup-Gregori

Project partners:

    • Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Listl, Department of Conservative Dentistry, Heidelberg University Hospital and Department of Quality and Safety of Oral Health Care, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (Projectcoordinator Dent@Prevent)
    • Dr. Ingrid Schubert, PMV research group, University of Cologne
    • Prof. Dr. Martin Hellmich, Institute of Medical Statistics, Informatics and Epidemiology, University of Cologne
    • Dr. Jochen Walker, InGef – Institute for Applied Health Research Berlin Ltd., Berlin
    • Prof. Dr. Winfried Walther, Dental academy for continuing professional development, Karlsruhe
    • Prof. Dr. Bernt-Peter Robra, Institute of Social Medicine and Health Economics, Otto-von Guericke University Magdeburg, Magdeburg
    • Dr. Joachim Fessler, Leitliniengruppe Hessen, BKK Physician network Rhein-Main

    Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) - Innovation Fund, Grant agreement number: 01VSF16052

    Brief description:
    The Dent@Prevent project aims to improve interdisciplinary collaboration between dentists and general practitioners. The objective is to sensitize dentists and general practitioners to the interrelationships between dental and chronic-systemic diseases and to provide relevant knowledge for treatment of such patients. In addition, patient reported information is integrated into the treatment process. For this purpose, the relationships between dental and chronic-systemic diseases are examined by means of claims data analysis and systematic literature research.
    The medical informatics section develops a mobile application, to collect information about the health status and treatment preferences of the patients. Furthermore, a decision support system will be developed, that integrates information from these self-reports, together with the results of the literature research and the claims data analysis. The aim of the decision support system is to support both dentists and the general practitioners with information to tailor a therapy for an individual patient.
    The gained insights of the project about the interrelationship of dental and chronic-systemic diseases can be incorporated into the training and further education of dentists / physicians. In case of success, the developed application and the decision support system can also be used in other areas for decision support.


    Project Website:


    Duration: 2017-2020

    Staff: C. Haux, M. Seitz