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Zentrale Tel.: 06221-560

Interested in a position as PhD student?


Please have a look at the homepage of our Graduate School HBIGS (www.hbigs.uni-heidelberg.de) where the research groups Deponte, Frischknecht, Lanzer, Müller, Osier and Portugal advertise all their open PhD student positions. You may also submit an unsolicited application via the online application system and the groups will then get in touch with you. If you are interested in working in one of our other groups (like Bujard or Ganter), please contact the group leaders directly.



Wanting to do a lab practical in our department?  


Please either contact the group yourself or get in touch with our secretary Miriam (miriam.griesheimer(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de, Tel. 06221-567845). If you would like to do a lab practical in the group of Prof. Lanzer, you may just come to his weekly office hour (fridays, 10h30-11h30 - please let Miriam know in advance to make sure Prof. Lanzer is not busy).


- By the way, it is always helpful to include a CV together with information on the prospective timeframe (please note that we normally only accept students for lab practicals that go beyond 6 weeks so that it is possible to have a small project to work on) and the preferred research group -


For students from abroad: We ask for your understanding that we normally do not have funds available to cover your travel and accommodation costs. Thus, if you are really interested in coming to our labs, please seek your own funding through national or international agencies (e.g. DAAD).



Looking for a postdoctoral position?


We are always interested in welcoming promising young researchers in our labs :-) Please just contact the relevant group you would like to join. In general, it is always appreciated when Postdocs bring their own money, i.e. apply for a fellowship (Humboldt Foundation, Cellnetworks, Marie Curie, EMBOMedical Faculty of our University).





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