Malaria 2: Frischknecht


AG Frischknecht: (from left standing) front: Hirdesh Kumar (guest student), Freddy Frischknecht (Group leader), Kartik Bane (PhD student), Konrad Beyer (PhD student)Madlen Konert (MSc student, alumna), mid: Miriam Ester (lab manager), Mirko Singer (PhD student), Dennis Klug (PhD student), Catherine Moreau (PhD student), Katharina Quadt (PhD student), Anna Battista (PhD student, AG Schwarz), Mendi Muthinja (PhD student), back: Noa Dahan (Postdoc, alumna), Ross Douglas (Postdoc), Gunnar Mair (Senior Postdoc), not in the picture: Jessica Kehrer (lab manager), Benjamin Spreng (PhD student).



Job offers


We have currently open positions for medical doctoral students as well as master students. We always welcome PhD students and postdocs who bring their own funding. If you are interested in working in a highly interactive team within an interdisciplinary environment using reverse genetic approaches, state-of-the-art microscopy techniques and are not afraid of new challenges and biophysical methods, please send us your CV, 2 letter of recommendation and a one page statement of motivation within a single pdf. We usually have some vacancies for short term stays of a minumum of 6 weeks. For those send an informal enquiry to "fratsch(at)"




Contact (postal address):

Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg

Zentrum für Infektiologie, Parasitologie

AG Frischknecht

Im Neuenheimer Feld 324

69120 Heidelberg



Please note that we are located in building 345 (if you want to meet us): INF 345, ground flooor, rooms 066, 067 and 071.


E-Mail: freddy.frischknecht(at)


You can also call either +49 (0)6221 566537 or +49 (0)6221 566546  to get in touch a bit quicker.




  • Life cycle: 

  • Walt Disney’s classic “The winged scourge”:

  • BBC documentary on malaria (part 1 of 6)):

  • 2007 documentary:

  • "Dr. Seuss On Malaria: This is Ann"

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  • Art and malaria:

  • Music and malaria:

<wbr>v=UIkA628zqsw (Stieber Twins-Malaria)


  • Malaria Museum in Dublin:


  • Others:

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October 2015: former PhD student among Sofja Kovalevskaja Award winners

Dr. Mikhail Kudryashev, former PhD student in the Frischknecht lab (2005-2009) is one of six winners of this year's Sofja Kovalevskaja Award. Congratulations!


The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's Sofja Kovalevskaja Award, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is granted to young exceptionally promising researchers from abroad in recognition of outstanding academic achievements.