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Malaria 9: Przyborski

Photo: Medienzentrum, UKL-HD

Group members:

PD Dr. Jude Przyborski (Group leader)


Mathias Diehl (PhD student)


Sonja Engels (PhD student)


Ardin Ouayoue (PhD student)


Moritz Otto (MD student)


Jessica Günnewig (MSc student)


Céline Rausch (Trainee)










Centre for Infectious Diseases, Parasitology

Heidelberg University Hospital 

Im Neuenheimer Feld 324

69120 Heidelberg


Phone:++49 6221 565482 (office) / -4104 (lab)
Fax: ++49 6221 568432





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Heisenberg Fellowship

Dr. Przyborski joined our unit on 1 Oct. 2017 on the basis of the prestigious Heisenberg Fellowship being awarded to him. 


This 3-year fellowship by the German Research Foundation gives early career researchers who meet the requirements for professorship the opportunity to pursue an advanced research topic prior to professorial appointment. 


For further info see our news section.