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Welcome to our Section Clinical Tropical Medicine

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Our aims are to:

  • further develop Heidelberg’s centre of clinical tropical medicine on both a national and an international level

  • strengthen our position at Heidelberg Medical School (HeiCuMed) regarding both clinical tropical medicine and diseases associated with travel or migration

  • contribute to improving/addressing any health concerns associated with global and neglected diseases by means of an international network of institutions with research in clinical tropical medicine




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Thomas Junghanss MD MScPHDC (London)

Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine Specialist

Head of the Section

Clinical Tropical Medicine


Heidelberg University Hospital

INF 324

69120 Heidelberg



Tel: +49 6221-56 22999

Fax: +49 6221-565204

Latest Information

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Thomas Junghanss is the new Chair of WHO-IWGE; Marija Stojkovic is a member of the Steering Committee of WHO-IWGE.

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