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Psychometric evaluation of the personality inventory for ICD-11

Persons involved: Max Zettl, Jana Volkert, Svenja Taubner.

The classification systems of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) represent the most popular and established representatives in the diagnosis of mental disorders. Despite the continuous evolution of the manuals, there is widespread agreement among clinicians and researchers that the classification systems for diagnosing personality disorders (PDs) are unsatisfactory in their current form because they have limited validity, reliability, and clinical usefulness. The eleventh version of the ICD now introduces for the first time a dimensional model for classifying PS in clinical practice. The assessment of the severity of personality impairments is complemented by a model of maladaptive trait domains (Negative Affectivity, Dissociality, Disinhibition, Compulsivity, and Detachment). A first questionnaire for the new trait model is already available in English, the Personality Inventory for ICD-11 (PiCD). The aim of this research project is the translation and psychometric evaluation of the PiCD in psychiatric samples in German-speaking countries.

Duration: 2019 - Ongoing