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The videos listed here are intended to provide information on selected, relevant topics in the context of a human genetics consultation. Please note that not all videos may be relevant for you.

Further information for patients and doctors can be found here:

Our videos were created by a research team to provide information on the topic of "human genetics consultations" that is as easy to understand as possible. The aim is to provide both patients and the doctors involved with specific preliminary information. The videos provided may be used freely without modification and with reference to our project.

Not every video is equally suitable for every consultation in terms of topic or information content. It may therefore be useful for you to make a pre-selection of which videos your patient will benefit from the most.

You can find an interactive PDF file to pass on to your patients here. You can note which videos you recommend to your patients with a few simple clicks, making it easier for them to find suitable videos.

Here you will find videos with medical-genetic information that you can use to prepare for an upcoming medical consultation. Please note that not all of the videos presented here will be relevant to your concerns or illness.

Feel free to share links to our videos with medical professionals, patients, or anyone interested. However, we would like to inform you that the videos are protected by copyright. If you have any questions, please contact us through our mailbox

1 Genetic counseling
2 consent  
3 Hereditary Breast Cancer I
4 Hereditary Breast cancer II
5 Genome analysis I
 6 Genome analysis II
7 Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
8 automated image analysis