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FIM Heidelberg comprises
  • the Clinical Research Unit (KliPS) for the conduct of GCP-compliant studies. It is fully integrated into the Heidelberg University Hospital and has immediate access to all diagnostic (incl. PET) and therapeutic procedures (intensive care units, 24-hour access(ibility) to specialists) of one of Germany’s largest high-capacity university hospitals
  • a network of medical specialists, translational researchers
  • an international catchment area of patients with hematological, adult and pediatric oncological, rheumatological, immunological, and other diseases
  • a methodological and scientific study support for the planning, the realization, and the biometrical analysis of complex studies in accordance with international guidelines and local laws (Coordination Centre for Clinical Trials KKS, Institute of Medical Biometrics and Informatics IMBI, study center of the National Cancer Center Heidelberg NCT)
FIM Heidelberg has access to
  • an accredited central laboratory
  • certified (ISO 9001:2015) analytic-chemical mass spectrometry facility responsible for concentration measurements of drugs and metabolites in all biological matrices with validation according to EMA and FDA guidelines
  • a large database of well characterized, genotyped probands
  • all services and research facilities of the DKFZ Heidelberg, the largest German oncological research site
  • a clinical cancer registry of all oncological patients of the NCT
  • a standardized tumor tissue bank
  • professional university hospital specialists and their patients