Applied Tumor Biology … Research


We are a team of physicians and basic scientists who share the vision to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic concepts based on molecular insights into carcinogenesis. We are dedicated to prevention, early detection and cure of cancer. Our research is focused on

By using state of the art bioinformatics in frame of the Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit (MMPU) we define diagnostic markers and putative therapeutic targets.

The translation of our research into applicable clinical concepts is a central focus of our work. Therefore we are eager to design diagnostic kit- and drug-prototypes. We are validating these prototype products in early phase clinical trials. We accompany and guide the clinical development of innovative therapeutics with support of the EXIST-Program of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fond (ESF) of the European Union. Moreover, we support the implementation of novel state-of-the-art approaches in the clinical application in low resource settings (ETICCS).

“Spin off” companies founded on the basis of our research include mtm-laboratories in 1999 (acquired by Roche in 2011).