Dr. Anna Reuter

Anna Reuter is a trained development economists focusing on health beliefs and behavior, especially in low- and middle-income countries. Her work includes descriptive analyses as well as experimental and quasi-experimental methods. During her PhD, she co-supervised one cross-sectional household survey and one randomized controlled trial in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, including two longer stays in the field. At HIGH, she works with the European SHARE data using machine learning approaches.

Scientific background

2017-ongoing PhD in Development Economics at the RTG 1723: Globalization & Development under supervision of Sebastian Vollmer (University of Göttingen

2015-2017 MA Development Economics (University of Göttingen)

2011-2015 BA Economics and Political Science (University of Göttingen)


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Deichmann, U., Reuter, A., Vollmer, S., Zhang, F., 2019. The relationship between energy intensity and economic growth: New evidence from a multi-country multi-sectorial dataset. World Development 124, 104664.