Dipl.-Inform. Med. Michael Metzner

Scientific-technical associate (Medical Informationtechnology)
Head of Section (Medical Informationtechnology)

+49 6221 56-37112
+49 6221 56-4642

Medical/Professional background

since October 2008

in the department

Work in the radiology department of a practice clinic

Assistant Scientist at the German Cancer Research Center

Change to study medical informatics in Heidelberg

Study of computer science in Chemnitz

Main areas of work

Member of the core team for the drug information system AiDKlinik®

  • IT operations
  • Software development

Information technology support for the research area

  • Development of databases and user interfaces
  • Support with data maintenance
  • Integration of research projects in AIDKlinik

Development of Java applications for an efficient knowledge management support of AiDKlinik®