Medical/Professional background

Dr. Ziegler is a medical doctor and consultant for pediatric neurology at the Center for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine of the Heidelberg University Hospital. He is specialized in pediatrics, pediatric neurology and pediatric palliative care. His special clinical expertise and research interests focus on neuromuscular disorders. The main focus of his research lies on the metabolic characterization and phenotyping of rare neurologic diseases, especially neuromuscular and neuroinflammatory disorders. In close collaboration with the Department of Neurology of the Heidelberg University Hospital and the world market leader in NMR spectroscopy, Bruker, Karlsruhe – Germany – he is establishing and validating new technologies for early diagnosis of rare neurologic disorders, disease severity prediction and therapy monitoring.

Furthermore, he collaborates with nationwide partners at the Universities of Essen, Giessen,  Hamburg and Munich. He is board member of the society for pediatric neurology (GNP Germany), member of the scientific advisory board of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke e.V. (DGM), speaker of the DGM-certified neuromuscular center Rhein-Neckar and member of the German society for palliative care (DGP) and the German Society of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (DGKJ).

Oberärztlicher Aufgabenbereich

  • Leitung paedKLiPS
  • Sozialpädiatrisches Zentrum (SPZ) 
  • Station K1 Neuropädiatrie
  • Sprecher des neuromuskulären Zentrums RheinNeckar