Dr. med. Andreas Ziegler,
Dr. med. Andreas Ziegler, M.Sc.

Senior Physician (Sektion Neuropädiatrie und Stoffwechselmedizin)
Attending Physician (Clinical Pharmacological Trial Unit)
Project Management (INTEGRATE-ATMP)

Medical Doctor and Consultant for Pediatric Neurology


Neuropediatrics, palliative medicine

+49 6221 56-4548

Medical/Professional background

since 2018

Medical Head paedKliPS (Paediatric Clinical- Pharmacological Trial Center)

since 2015

Senior Physician, Division of Neuropediatrics and Metabolic Medicine

since 2015

Specialist in Neuropediatrics

since 2015

Additional qualification in Palliative Care

since 2015

Master of Science in Healthcare Management

2013 – 2015

Focus training in pediatric Neurology

since 2013

Board Certification in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

2007 – 2013

Residency in Pediatrics, Centrer for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Heidelberg


Medicinæ Doctor (MD), University of Heidelberg


German License to practice medicine (“Approbation”)

2000 – 2007

Study of Human Medicine (Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg, Germany, Semmelweis University of Budapest, Hungary)

Main Areas of Work

Clinical Neuropediatrics

Precision Medicine in childhood

Gene therapies in childhood

ATMP (Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products)

Metabolomic studies using 1 H-NMR spectroscopy in rare neurological diseases

Drug safety and quality assurance in childhood and adolescence