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TPTitleProject leaderInstitution
AModulation of T Cell Reactivity by Tissue CellsBernd ArnoldDKFZ Heidelberg
BThe role of BM resident regulatory T cells for systemic and intratumoural T cell responsesPhilipp Beckhove / Dirk JägerTranslational Immunology, DKFZ Heidelberg / Medizinische Onkologie
Nationales Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen (NCT)
CModulation of miRNA expression: correlate of plasticity of human immune functionKlaus HeegDept. of Infectious Diseases
Univ. of Heidelberg
DTime and cell specific regulation of NF-κB subunit specific signalling pathways terminating inflammation in immunological systemsPeter Paul NawrothDept. of Medicine I & Clin.Chemistry
University Heidelberg
EControl of peripheral immune reactions through bronchial epithelial cells
Alexander DalpkeDept. of Infectious Diseases -  Medical Microbiology and Hygiene
Univ. of Heidelberg
FThe role of hydrogen peroxide-sensing in immune signalingTobias DickDivision of Redox Regulation
Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum
GRAGE as regulatory molecule in cutaneous chronic inflammationChristoffer Gebhardt /Alexander EnkDept. Dermatology
Univ. of Heidelberg
HTumor-assoziierte Makrophagen (TAM) und Tumorprogression: funktionelle Plastizität und progressionsabhängige TAM-Targetmoleküle beim Malignen MelanomSergij GoerdtDept. Dermatology
Medical Center Mannheim
Univ. of Heidelberg
ILipid recognizing nuclear receptors LXR-α und -β in chronic inflammationHermann-Josef Gröne / Stefan PorubskýCellular and Molecular Pathology DKFZ Heidelberg / Institute of Pathology University Medical Center Mannheim Univ. of Heidelberg
KControl of CNS immunity by tryptophan catabolismMichael Platten / Wolfgang WickDept. Neurooncology
Univ. of Heidelberg
LStability and Violation of the Lymphoid and Myeloid Dichotomy in the Immune SystemHans-Reimer RodewaldDeutsches Krebsforschungszentrum
Cellular Immunology (D110)
MMicromilieu induced alterations of the cytoskeleton and their influence on the activation, migration and effector functions of hematopoetic cellsYvonne SamstagSection Molecular Immunology,
Institute of Immunology
Univ. of Heidelberg
NStudies on the immune function of human slan-dendritic cells in psoriasisKnut SchäkelDept. Dermatology
Univ. of Heidelberg
OMolecular mechanisms underlying the activation of the intestinal /mucosal immune response in man and its controlJutta Schröder-Braunstein / Stefan MeuerInstitute for  Immunology
Univ. of Heidelberg
PEctopic expression of tissue-restricted antigens in human thymic epithelial cells: regulation and inter-individual variationsBruno Kyewski Tumor Immunology Program
German Cancer Research Center
Developmental Immunology
Z2Tissue bank for inflammatory diseases Heidelberg (GEZEH)Alexander Enk / Felix LasitschkaDept. Dermatology
Univ. of Heidelberg / Institute of Pathology
Univ. of Heidelberg