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150 years of Pediatrics in Heidelberg


It started with a small ad..... 


03.07.1860, Original: 3 x 4 cm.
Kleinanzeige Tagesblatt





Children's Hospital
in Heidelberg
From the 2nd day of this month onward, sick children can
be admitted. No distinction will be made based on religion
or origin. Poverty and lack of necessary care may lead to
admission free of charge, as far as resources permit.
 Registration occurs daily in the homes of the two
medical directors.

Medical directors:
Dr. von Dusch            Dr. Flad
79 Ploeckstreet          43 Leopoldstreet





Perspectives on the early days of the Heidelberg Children's Hospital



Theodor von Dusch (1824 - 1890)
Theodor von Dusch (1824 - 1890)



The founder and first head of the Heidelberg Children's Hospital was Baron Theodor von Dusch. On Sunday 1 July 1860 the opening ceremony of the children's hospital took place in a rented apartment with only six beds. A small ad in all of Heidelberg's daily newspapers indicated that as of Tuesday, 3 July, children may be admitted there. The basic equipment had been donated by sponsors.




Luise, Großherzogin von Baden (1838 - 1923)
Luise, Großherzogin von Baden (1838 - 1923)



On 29 April 1864 her Royal Highness, the Grand Duchess Luise of Baden, accepted the invitation of the board to become patron of the hospital. In 1867 the first Luisenbazaar took place to support the Luisenhospital. Initially the clinic was located in different houses in the Bergheim district a permanent building newly constructed on the left bank of the Neckar River, opened in 1885. The hospital now had 45 beds.




Fritz Landfried (1845 - 1913)
Fritz Landfried (1845 - 1913)



Ernst Moro, the first ordinary professor of pediatrics in Heidelberg, enlarged the Luisenhospital by one floor and among other innovations, installed a terrace on the roof for fresh air therapy of tuberculosis. The renovation was supported by a generous gift in his last will of Kommerzienrat Fritz Landfried in 1913.







Sources: Heidelberg City Archiv
Part of a drawng by C. Stütz,
Munich, first printed for the 5th centenary of the university Heidelberg
First print: 1886





100 years ago (1910)

Charity stamp after a design of Hans Thoma (1839-1924)
value 5 pennies


Quelle: Stadtarchiv Heidelberg



I collect

for the poor children

of the Luisenhospital

of Heidelberg




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