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Here you will find important publications made by the members of our workgroup.


Publications to therapy with local anesthetics from Heidelberg University

  • The first public lecture to local anesthetics in 1884 in Heidelberg [1]


Original papers to basic research

  • Modification of the gate control theory [2]
  • Effects of local anesthetics at Gq protein receptors [3]
  • Effects of local anesthetics at NMDA receptors [4]
  • Effects of local anesthetics at muscarinic receptors [5-7]
  • Immune modulation through local anesthetics [8-9]


Original paper to clinical effects

  • Improvement of perioperative parameters through infusion of local anesthetics [10]


Original papers to healthcare research

  • Frequency of use of neural therapy in family practices in Germany [11]
  • Integration of neural therapy into the curriculum of medical studies [12]



  • TLA for musculoskeletal disorders [13]
  • Opens external link in new windowReview: Therapy with Local Anesthetics [14]
  • Review, expanded and updated German version (DZA) in two parts: [15-16]


Case Report

  • Successful neural therapy for vulvodynia [17]



  • Effect of neural therapy on heart rate variability (HRV) [18]


Overview papers

  • Short-acting local anesthetics for chronic pain [19]
  • Textbook contributions and textbooks
  • Manual to Neural Therapy [20]
  • Neural therapy and treatment of tissue, spec. osteopathy [21]



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