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     Malaria 1: Lanzer


     Malaria 2: Frischknecht


     Malaria 3: Müller


     Malaria 4: Bujard


     Malaria 5: Osier  


     Malaria 6: Portugal


     Malaria 7: Ganter


     Malaria 8: Guizetti   


     Malaria 9: Przyborski 


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Malaria Comic

Malaria is a terrible disease, and one of humankind’s oldest and deadliest foes. This comic explores the ongoing battle with the parasite that causes malaria, and goes inside the laboratories and the clinics where scientists are working to put an end to the misery that malaria causes.


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↓ © EVIMalaR, J. Hall & E. Ross, 2012 ↓
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