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Abteilung Allgemeinmedizin und Versorgungsforschung


Head of Department

Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Szecsenyi

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 Deputy Head

 Prof. Dr. Michel Wensing, MSc
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Turm West
Im Neuenheimer Feld 130.3
69120 Heidelberg

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The Department of General Practice and Health Services Research at Heidelberg University Hospital was founded in 2001, but its roots go back to 1981, when general practitioners for the first time were teaching at the medical faculty. It is led by Prof. Joachim Szecsenyi, MD, MSc, a GP/Family Physician and social scientist.


Nowadays it is one of the largest institutes of its kind in Germany, with an interdicliplinary staff of approx. 40 persons, which includes the chair, three assistant professors (scientists with "Habilitation"), research associates and junior resarchers, a support team and doctoral students. Additionally there are 10 general practioners/family doctors from the region involved part time in doing seminars with us at the university.    


We see our role in bridging the gap between academic research and community based primary care and to contribute to high quality primary care in our region and elsewhere. Within the framework of HeiCuMed, the Heidelberg reformed curriculum for basic medical training, our students have contact to primary care practice beginning in their first semester. By organising regular interactive CME meetings twice a year ("Day of General Practice - Tag der Allgemeinmedizin") and other activities we try to build a platform for research, teaching and comprehensive care with more than 400 practices in the closer area. We have 200 academic teaching practices and 85 research practices which are officially accredited by the Medical Faculty Heidelberg. Our department hosts the "Competence Centre Primary Care Baden-Württemberg" and the "Coordination Centre for Health Services Research Baden-Württemberg", both financed by the Ministry of Research and Education. 


To get an impression of the scope and results of our work, you may have a closer look on our publications, many of them in English, in the following areas of research:




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