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Centralized patient management

We, the Central Patient Management, would like to introduce ourselves to you.
We are a team consisting of a nurse, a doctor and a senior physician and have made it our task to make it as easy as possible for you as a referring physician (specialists, general practitioners, psychologists, external hospitals) to contact us as a clinic through a central contact point.
Our task is the coordination of inpatient, day clinic and day clinic admissions, transfers within the hospital and, if necessary, pre-stationary outpatient care.

If you, as a referring physician, would like to register a patient with us for elective treatment, please fill out the attached registration form and send it to us (by fax, e-mail or post). If available, please also send us existing medical documents including a current description of the findings and problems of your patient.

to the registration form

Why is this important?

We have various disorder-specific specialty wards and only with good advance information can we schedule your patient for the right ward. Unfortunately, due to a lack of information, incorrect occupancy can occasionally occur, so that a patient may even have to be discharged again until a place becomes available on the ward specialized for his or her clinical picture. In order to avoid these inconveniences for your patient and also for us, we need your support. If a place becomes available on a ward, the ZPM will fill that place in the order on our registration/waiting list. Heidelberg citizens for whom we have a supply contract are given preferential treatment.

Do you have any further questions? Then don't hesitate and simply call us.