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Quality assurance and evaluation of diagnostics and mentalization-based treatment for parents, infants and toddlers in the family therapy outpatient department

Involved persons: Christine Bark, Oliver Evers, Anna Georg, Alessandro Talia, Paul Schroeder-Pfeifer, Jana Volkert, Svenja Taubner

The outpatient department for family therapy of the Institute for Psychosocial Prevention offers a wide range of treatments for families. Infants and toddlers with early regulatory disorders as well as families with a burdened parent-child relationship are treated within the framework of a multi-level, mentalization-based treatment program. A detailed diagnosis is followed by a differential indication and a treatment offer based on this. The research project focuses on quality assurance and evaluation by implementing standardized diagnostics in routine care. In addition, treatments are continuously examined with regard to their effectiveness as well as potential moderator and mediator variables - in particular parental psychological stress, temperament of the children, attachment behaviour, and parental reflective functioning.


Bark, C., Taubner, S., & Georg, A. (2016). Mentalization-based parent-infant/toddler therapy. Familiendynamik, 41(4), 312-321.