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Mentalization-based Therapy for Adolescents with Conduct Disorder (MBT-CD)

Conduct Disorder (CD) is a common mental disorder in childhood and adolescence with a prevalence of 5-10%. The symptoms include repeated and consistent patterns of behavior that violate the basic rights of others or age-appropriate social rules, such as violent behavior toward humans and animals or destructive acts toward other people's property. While many young people with CD later develop into responsible adults, 50% are at risk of chronification of norm-violating and rule-breaking behaviour. In order to improve health care for these adolescents, Mentalization-Based Training for Conduct Disorder (MBT-CD), which is a specification of Mentalization-Based Therapy (MBT), was developed at our institute. As various international studies have shown that especially family-oriented interventions have a promising efficacy in the treatment of CD, MBT-CD aims at increasing mentalizing in the entire (family) system and thus involves not only children and adolescents, but also their parents or other caregivers.


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