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Heidelberg Foundation of Surgery

Heidelberger Stiftung Chirurgie ( Heidelberg Foundation of Surgery) is a charitable, non-profit, medical foundation established in 2003 by doctors, nurses and staff at the University of Heidelberg in association with prominent community leaders to uphold and develop quality medicine in Heidelberg. The need came as they saw further cuts in government funding and an uncertain economic outlook, which for the hospital means slow development of patient care, research, technology and education.
To ensure that quality medicine is maintained and can grow to its fullest potential, the founders established Heidelberger Stiftung Chirurgie with the mission:
To help preserve and develop excellence in patient care, research, clinical technology and education, so that the Department of Surgery at the University of Heidelberg can continue to heal diseases and alleviate suffering.


Our Founders

Our founders are the dedicated employees of the Department of Surgery who saw the need during the course of their day-to-day work to create a foundation to further their endeavor based on excellence in surgery.