Research Beam

Access to the Research Beam

The HIT has a dedicated irradiation room for experiments. Unlike basic research facilities, the HIT or Heidelberg University Hospital do not receive funding for the cost-intensive provision of beam time for research and development purposes.


However, the irradiation equipment can be made available to external users if a reimbursement of costs is provided, security and operational requirements of the HIT are met during the undertaking and the project is endorsed by the Research Program Committee. Currently (as of July 2018), the costs amount to EUR 1,300.- per hour of room utilisation. These costs are in principle eligible.


We kindly ask you to please send Inquiries and formulated research proposals to the following mailbox: Proposal.HIT(at)


For development projects which are expected to directly optimize the therapy methodology and are carried out in close cooperation with HIT, the cost coverage can be appropriately reduced.