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ParaReg / ParaMoves

Head of project "Instrumented Assessments": Prof. Dr. Petra Knaup

Head of Overall project: PD Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Rupp, Clinic for Paraplegiology, Heidelberg University Hospital

Funding: BMBF, DMGP

Brief description: In the overall project, the Germany-wide, patient-centered ParaReg registry for the documentation of medical, social and participation-related parameters of acutely and chronically paraplegic patients is being established. The aim is to identify factors associated with poorer treatment outcome / outcome. Knowledge of these factors can provide clues to improve patient care, treatment planning and management of the treatment pathway, taking into account cost-effectiveness. It is also particularly important to classify the rehabilitation outcome and treatment quality of paraplegics in Germany in an international context.

In the sub-project "Instrumented Assessments" of Medical Informatics, a standardized interface for patient-generated data is being developed. ParaReg participants can donate physical activity data via this interface, which will be evaluated together with clinically collected data. Furthermore, we are testing how participants can access evaluations of activity data from similar participants to rank their personal physical activity in comparison to others.

ParaReg will be continued by the German-speaking Medical Society for Paraplegiology e.V. (DMGP) after the funding phase by the BMBF.

Duration: 2019-2022

Institute staff:

P. Knaup, N. Benning


Support for study participants: study management and technical issues.