• Stability of ametropia
  • Age of consent
  • No eye diseases (e.g. glaucoma or macula degeneration), no general diseases (e.g. rheumatism)
  • Allergic person should come in an allergic free period
  • No Treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Medicine, which influence the healing process of the cornea could be a contra-indication
















Two weeks prior to the preliminary check you should stop wearing contact lenses!

Why? It is important for the examination and the surgery afterwards that the surface of the cornea is not altered due to contact lens wear.


You are not able to drive a car for several hours after examination!

Why? Because of the application of pupil-dilating eyedrops to examine the retina you will see blurry and be photosensitive. If possible, please come with an accompanying person.


Please bring eye medication, which are applied regularly and old prescriptions with you!

Why? They provide information of existing eye diseases resp. the dioptric power of the development of your refractive error.

Laser treatment procedure



•  No makeup

•  No perfume or aftershave immediately prior surgery

•  Driving prohibited

•  Eating allowed


Immediately prior to the treatment

•  Further subjective refraction

•  Slit lamp examination

•  Short medical counceling


 Laser treatment

•   Application of anaesthetic eye drops 

•   Insertion of a lid speculum

•   Laser treatment

•   Handing over of UV protection glasses




Follow-up check

The recovery of the eyes will last several days. Irritations and pain are possible during that time. However these can be effectively well treated by a therapeutic contact lens and appropriate medicine. Additionally the healing process is supported by the application of eye drops. 

Until the final check 3 months after surgery, we recommend periodically follow-up checks.



Important after surgery

  • Do not press or rub the operated eyes 
  • Apply the eyedrops regularly
  • Avoid hard physical efforts in the first days and sports like swimming, diving or sauna