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Translational Transplantation Research

The overarching goal of the working group is to research methods for improving short- and long-term outcomes following visceral organ transplantation (liver, kidney, pancreas). Various techniques and ex vivo and in vivo models are employed in the lab to assess and improve organ preservation through innovative techniques such as machine perfusion. The aim is to better preserve, evaluate, and recondition or modify organs for transplantation. In the clinical setting, the research group also employs various study designs, conducting both retrospective and prospective studies to identify clinical and paraclinical factors influencing patient and graft survival post-transplantation. Another important clinical focus is the investigation of nutritional status and body composition as potentially modifiable risk factors in patients after organ transplantation and in major surgical procedures. The working group is assigned to the Section of Liver Surgery and Visceral Transplantation Surgery (lead by Prof. Dr. A. Mehrabi).

Working Group Leader


Team (Postdocs und Doktoranden): 
Dr. med. Fabiola Bechtiger
Aghnia J Putri 
Amir Kauveh Panah
Hazem Karim
Mariah Herbrig 

Senior Advisor: 
Prof. Dr. med. Eduard Ryschich


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