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What is neural therapy?

Neural therapy is the use of pure local anesthetics for diagnosis and therapy. It has been known since 1884, but has been researched little despite its global use. In Germany it is considered complementary medicine and is a frequently used method (Joos et al. 2009).

Typical indications are:

  • acute and chronic pain disorders
  • chronic functional disorders
  • mood disorders
  • chronic recurrent inflammation.

More information can be found in our literature section.

Heidelberger Charta Neuraltherapie

Neural therapy (therapy with local anesthetics) is a bridging method between classic and complementary medicines. It is based on scientific data and knowledge and has an extensive body of 130 years of reserach and development of behind it.


The Heidelberg Charter Neural Therapy is the opinion of international neural therapists who have established the status quo of this therapy for teaching and research.


The teachers call on all readers and recipients of this Charter to participate in the further development of this Charter. The Charter may be circulated at any time, so long as the original source is credited.


Please direct any comments or suggestions for improvement to stefan.weinschenk (at) med.uni-heidelberg.de.