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Recognition through Interaction: About the development of personal, objective and self knowledge (2012-2015)

In this project supported by the Volkswagen Foundation, philosophers, psychologists and psychiatrists jointly explore a human capability that plays a pivotal role for the communication in modern societies: the capability to be able to take different perspectives within social interactions. Flexibility of perspective allows us to learn from others, to mutually recognize the world, but also to comprehend ourselves. Decisive for the development of this key competence are social interactive experiences, especially in early childhood. Using theoretical as well as empirical approaches, this project investigates which preconditions favor the development of comprehension and flexibility of perspective in children and the conditions under which this development can also be impaired (e.g., autism, postnatal depression). By combining the insights of different disciplines, an innovative approach for the description of flexibility of perspectives is to be developed, which will be of importance for the future configurations of social interaction during all phases of life and within all social spheres.

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