Kliniken &… SFB / DZG SFB 938 Willkommen Veranstaltungen Jahr 2012

Work-in-Progress-Seminare jeden 3. Dienstag im Monat um 16.00 Uhr
Institut für Immunologie INF 305, 2. OG, Seminarraum 208

17. April 2012

Michael Meister (TP-A): „Dickkopf 3 limits T cell responses in the skin“
Astrid Schmieder (TP-H): „CD20 homolog-Ms4a8a, a novel marker for alternatively activated macrophages“

15. Mai 2012

Martina Gärtner (TP-P): „Inter-individual variation of promiscuous gene expression in human thymic epithelial cells: underlying regulation at the population and single cell level“
Sabine Wölfle/Konrad Bode (TP-C): „Profiling of tolerogenic APC

19. Juni 2012

Serin Schiessling (TP-O): „Induction of an inflammatory response in resident lamina propria cells“

17. Juli 2012

Sheena Pinto (TP-P): „Generating intra-thymic self-antigen diversity for tolerance induction“
Francesca Rampoldi (TP-I): „Modulation of T cell function by N-myristoylation“

18. September 2012

Michael Weitnauer (TP-E): „Control of peripheral immune reactions trough bronchial epithelial cells“
Kay Klapproth (TP-L): „Fate Mapping and the Origins of Tissue Macrophages“

16. Oktober 2012

Tobias Lanz (TP-K): „Consequences of tryptophan catabolism for CNS autoimmunity“
Reagan Jarvis (TP-F): „Flil oxidation and regulation of innate immunity”

20. November 2012

Anja Kunze und Hridayesh Prakash (TP-N): „The pro-inflammatory function human slan (6-sulfo LacNAc) dendritic cells”
Kathrin Tarnanidis (TP-G): „RAGE as regulatory molecule of cutaneous inflammation“

18. Dezember 2012

Bianca Schulte (TP-M): "Novel insights into Redox regulation of cofilin and its role in T cell activation"
Felix Klug (TP-B): "Promiscuous Gene Expression in the bone Marrow"