Kliniken &… SFB / DZG SFB 938 Willkommen Veranstaltungen Jahr 2014

Work-in-Progress-Seminare jeden 3. Dienstag im Monat um 16.00 Uhr
am Institut für Immunologie INF 305, 2. OG, Seminarraum 208

18. November 2014

Isabel John (TP M)
A redox-sensitive mediator of actin dynamics which is crucial for T-cell development

Michael Maas (TP N)
Gene expression analysis of human slan (6-sulfo LacNAc) dendritic cells in Psoriasis


21. Oktober 2014

Vedrana Mijosek (TP E):
Endoplasmic reticulum stress increases inflammatory responses by bronchial epithelial cells

Katharina Ochs (TP K):
Combinatorial immunotherapeutic strategies for malignant gliomas


16. September 2014

Anchana Rathinasamy (TP B):
Egress of Regulatory T cells from bone marrow of breast cancer patients

Benjamin Stottmeier (TP F):
Redox Regulation of TLR4 Signaling


15. Juli 2014

Kay Klapproth(TP L):
Adult tissue resident macrophages originate from yolk sac-derived erythro-myeloid progenitors

Fabian Brunk (TP P):
The role of Wnt signaling in T cell development


17. Juni 2014

Sina Sinke (TP C):
About the phenotype of tolerogenic dendritic dells

20. Mai 2014

Judith Gras (TP O):
Initiation of an inflammatory response in resident intestinal lamina propria cells –use of a human organ culture model

Felix Lasitschka (TP Z2):
Neuigkeiten aus der Gewebebank